Fast food restaurants to be closed near schools


Fast Food restaurants such as kebab shops will not be allowed to set up their business within 400 M of a primary school or secondary school and colleges in the area of Lancashire.

This all comes about as to tackling the overweight problem that kids in Lancashire have and this is one of many schemes that have been put in place to help kids staying healthy.

The only problem with this is that their are already 193 existing takeaways in the Preston City Council region with 146 of them within 400 M of schools and colleges so it won’t be really effective because students still have access to kebab shops and they will eat from them.

A better way to overcome this is not to make it harder for kids to get there fatty foods but to make them aware of the risks of eating Fast foods and what could happen if they carry on eating unhealthy and then hopefully most of them will make the decision for themselves and influence others to eat more healthy.