Is it Time For Genetically Modified Food?


An Essex farmer named Jim Dutton who was at the centre of the genetically modified controversy over 10 years ago is now welcoming the government with open arms to the idea quoting that genetically modified food has been long overdue.

Duttons farm was damaged by protesters back in 2001 when he made genetically modified maize during a government test trial.

Jim Dutton said: “I totally agree, it’s long over due. It’s very logical what he is saying.”

He is now currently growing genetically modified potatoes in a secure location and has suggested that the method could save farmers a lot of time and money.

He said: “Doing away with pesticides would be a brilliant step forward and the more we can help with that side of things the better,”

He also added this in an interview: “Emphatically we should be looking at GM… I’m very clear it would be a good thing.

“The trouble is all this stuff about Frankenstein foods and putting poisons in foods.

“There are real benefits, and what you’ve got to do is sell the real environmental benefits.”